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Welcome to summer reading 2023! Mark your calendars for this year's summer reading program at the Giddings Public Library! Children age 18 months-17 years old are invited to participate. Summer reading runs from June 5-June 30. 

More than 250 children registered for the 2022 annual summer reading program, and they logged 4,502 hours of reading! We had 10 teenage interns who volunteered a combined total of 1,071 hours to create our weekly on-site experiences. 100% of our interns said they would recommend the internship to their friends.

Two-part program provides double opportunity for fun!

Part one: Read to earn prizes

Step one: Get a library membership! Each child will need his or her own library membership to register to read and earn prizes. A parent must present a valid state-of-Texas photo I.D. to sign a child up for a membership. Parents have two options to choose from when getting a library membership for their children:

Standard student membership: Children who can sign their own name are eligible for a standard “student” library membership. Cost is dictated by residency. City residents receive a free membership. County residents who live outside the City of Giddings pay $2 for a full two year membership. Texas residents living outside Lee County pay $10 for a full 2 year membership. Children with a student membership can check out 20 items during summer reading. After summer reading, student memberships have a checkout limit of 10 items.

Temporary underage membership: Children whose parents aren't ready for them to have a library card are eligible for a temporary “underage membership” that they’ll use just for summer reading. The underage membership does not require a library card and automatically expires June 30. To check out books using a temporary membership, just tell the librarian your name. A parent must still present a Texas photo I.D. to sign a child up for a temporary underage membership, but the membership itself is free.

Step two: Register for summer reading with any librarian at the Giddings Public Library in May and June. Parents will receive a welcome letter with program details. Register in May during our free book giveaway! Any child who registers for summer reading during the month of May will receive a free bag of books to add to their home library. We'll give away bags of books the entire month, or until all the books are gone!

Step three: Begin reading. Keep track of your reading time using your reading log. Once you complete a level, bring your reading log to the library anytime between June 5-June 30 and pick up your prize.

Step four: Keep reading! You have until June 30 to finish reading and earn prizes. If you finish your reading log, ask a librarian for a sheet of bonus tickets to enter the bonus drawing. Bonus tickets are available to children age 3-17. There's no limit to how many bonus tickets children can enter into the bonus drawing. We'll draw randomly to give away eight bicycles for children age 3-12. Teenagers 13-17 can enter bonus tickets into the drawing for a special teen prize.

Part two: Attend weekly on-site experiences

No registration required: Attend one of our weekly on-site summer-reading experiences. In order to accommodate differing family schedules, we're offering the same session on three different days during the month of June. The entire family is invited to join us either:

Step six: Celebrate the end of summer reading with a party Friday, June 30, at 12PM at the library.

2023 Summer Reading in-person experiences

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