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Check out what we're learning at Storytime this month!


Wednesday, September 5th

Today at Storytime... our first Storytime of the new school year was a success! We read "But it's the Truth!" from the Dino Buddies Books by Aunt Eebs and Sprout. Then we made dinosaur hats to play pretend. 

All the dino buddies books teach kids valuable lessons about morality and how to treat others. The goal is to encourage kids to be a Dino-buddy and NOT a Dino-bully!  We have the entire collection of Dino-buddies books in the library in our Easy Audio section.

Storytime is also a great place for kids to practice sitting quietly and listening. Hearing the words and seeing the pictures is early letter recognition practice, thought prediction, and reading comprehension that they will need when they start kindergarten. 

We made these cute dinosaur hats to make the kids feel like little dinosaurs! The goal of this craft is to encourage them to use their creativity and imagination in pretend play. 

The craft also included a lot of little pieces that had to be glued together. This exercised their fine motor skills, and their patience and persistence. Many of them also learned how to use a glue stick for the first time. 

If you are considering bringing a child to Storytime, you shouldn't feel any anxiety about how well your child will complete the activities. Storytime is safe place for kids to learn these things, and for parents to be encouraged in their parenthood. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the Dino-Buddies books, you can meet the author and purchase some for your family at the Texas Word Wrangler Book Festival here at the library on Friday, September 14th from 9-5! 

Join us every Wednesday morning at 10:30 am at the Giddings Public Library!