Giddings Public Library and Cultural Center

November 18-19, 2022

Author information

Thank you to all the authors who submitted an application and a book for consideration by the July 31 deadline. Here are the next steps:

  • March through early September--Committee members read and review books

  • Late September--The committee meets to analyze scores received by all books and select festival authors

  • Early October--All authors who submitted applications and books prior to the deadline will be notified by mail; your notification will indicate whether or not you've been selected to participate in the 2022 festival

  • Mid-October--Accepted authors will receive an email with follow-up instructions

Submissions are now closed; 2023 submissions begin in March

The 2022 Texas Word Wrangler Book Festival is accepting author submissions until July 31. The annual book festival celebrates Texas authors. Applications are open to:

  • Authors who live in Texas

  • Authors from Texas

  • Authors with a book about a Texas topic

  • Authors with a book set in Texas

To apply for the 2022 festival, authors must complete the online application below and mail one copy of their book for consideration to the Giddings Public Library | Word Wrangler Submission | 276 N. Orange St. | Giddings, TX 78942.

Click here to read the "Calling Texas Authors" flier sent to prospective festival authors.

Submission FAQ

How many books can I send for consideration? Each author may submit a single book for festival consideration. The selection committee reads and reviews many books during each festival cycle; to make the review process manageable, please submit only one book.

I don't have a "new" book. Can I still apply to be a festival author? Books for festival consideration must be new to the festival (not submitted for festival consideration in the past).

How are books reviewed by the selection committee? Reviewers utilize a rubric when reviewing books. Reviewers give a numerical score based on eight criteria. After all books have been reviewed by the committee, an average score for each book is calculated. Authors who receive the highest average scores are invited to the festival.

What are the eight criteria in the book-review rubric? For each of the below categories, reviewers answer "strongly agree" (5 points); "agree" (4 points); "disagree" (3 points); or "strongly disagree" (2 points). The highest score for a single review (5 in all categories) is 40. The lowest score for a single review (2 in all categories) is 16.

  1. Book is free of typos, errors, and editorial mistakes

  2. Book is appropriate for its stated audience

  3. Book is well written

  4. Book has a professional layout and design

  5. Book inspires thoughtful reflection or examination of the topic presented

  6. I would read other books written by this same author

  7. I would recommend this book to others

  8. Fiction--Plot makes sense and is easy to follow; or Non-fiction--Book is organized and easy to understand

When will I find out if I'm selected to participate? The selection committee will review books until mid-August. Then we'll calculate total scores and notify authors of acceptance in October.

How much does it cost to attend the festival? The festival does not charge authors to participate, nor do we keep a portion of your book sales. You're responsible for your own transportation and lodging. We provide Thursday evening supper, Friday breakfast and lunch, and a light breakfast Saturday.

Can I sell my books at the festival? Yes! Authors are encouraged to sell their books at the festival. (Only books may be sold; no other items may be sold.) You may sell your entire portfolio of books at the festival, even if you did not submit them for festival consideration. The festival does not keep a portion of book sales. Authors are responsible for all financial exchanges regarding their books. The festival will not make change, take payments for authors, offer buyer receipts, etc.

2022 Author schedule of events

Thursday, Nov. 17, 9A-3P: School visits (optional)

Authors are scheduled to visit local schools (within a 40 mile radius of the library). Authors may visit multiple classrooms throughout the day and give presentations on book-related topics. Past topics have included the writing process, where to find story inspiration, how to outline, character development, and the importance of editing.

Thursday, Nov. 17, 10A-5P: Table set up (optional)

Authors may arrive and set up their tables early in preparation for the welcome BBQ and the book festival.

Thursday, Nov. 17, 6-8P: Welcome BBQ (optional)

Authors receive two complimentary tickets to attend the welcome BBQ. Authors who set up their tables prior to 5P may sell and sign books for the invitation-only crowd.

Friday, Nov. 18, 8A: Festival-orientation breakfast (required)

Join your fellow authors, library staff, and the festival committee for a brief orientation to prepare you for the next two days of festival fun!

Friday, Nov. 18, 9A-5P: Festival (required)

Lunch is included for participating authors. Authors will have a table inside the library for book sales and will have the opportunity to connect with members of the community.

Saturday, Nov. 19, 9A-2P: Festival (required)

Breakfast is included for participating authors. Authors will have a table inside the library for book sales and will have the opportunity to connect with members of the community.